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The bales opener machine has been designed to open bales of PET bottles for separating them without breaking them. In this way single and pressed bottles are ready to be controlled and sorted by the sorting systems. The hopper can be fed with a whole bale of product, conveying it to the rotor that “scrapes” the bottles thanks to a particular structure and to a clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation. The bottles are then conveyed to a discharging hopper suitable to charge them to the next conveyor belt.


The dynamic centrifuge of series CD is used in different applications to wash, dry and separate many flexible or rigid materials.
The dynamic centrifuge of series CD mod.Washcleaner is used to strongly wash high contaminated materials.
The dynamic centrifuge combined with the static centrifuge of series CS increases its efficiency without changing the power consumption.


The series of storage silos for Film flakes storage silos are intermediate “lungs” to grant constant dosing and production on some machines. They are normally provided with a dosing extraction auger at variable revolutions. The Film storage silos are available in different dimensions and containment capacities, to suit any production needs.


The Grinder is used to grind flexible or rigid materials with or without water.


The horizontal centrifuge has been designed to wash high contaminated medium or big flakes of film or other materials which come from a primary shredder or from a grinder. The centrifugal effect is based on mechanical friction combined with the use of a big quantity of water in order to guarantee a very good cleaning effect of the product. For less contaminated materials this machine can be used as ‘dry separator”. The heavy duty inner rotor turns at high speed, and its dedicated geometry makes it possible to avoid blockings with medium-size pieces too. Contaminants and dirty water are then ejected through a holed screen and collected in the discharging stainless steel hopper.


The hot washing system used in plastic recycling lines is able to treat plastic materials (like washed PET flakes) contaminated with substances, very difficult to be removed, as glue, oil, etc. This batch system is very flexible, in fact by changing the processing factors like temperature, residence time and detergents all type of contaminants can be removed. Besides this principal function the machine is able at the same time to remove the fine particles of PET and the polyolefin residues. By the feeding auger with hopper the material (washed PET flakes) passing through the feeding screw is introduced alternatively in the mixing tanks where it stays together with hot water (approx. 85°-90°C) and, if needed, detergents for a certain amount of time, in order to remove the contaminants (glue and/or oil). Different models are available to suit any production needs.


The pre-washing tank has the function to settle and separate stones and heavy metals in the pre-washing phase, which could damage the following machines. Thanks to its special structure, the tank allows, by water and air injections, the floating of the plastics parts even though contaminated by earth and by any other contaminants which can change their specific weight. The residues and heavy materials are discharged by an extraction auger at the tank bottom. The innovative film flake extracting system is based on a combination of water power pressure and air insufflation system without any mechanical units, thus avoiding strong periodical maintenance.


The machine is installed at the end of the film washing lines for drying the material. The drying system is based on the mechanical squeezing, made by a worm working inside holed cylinders. The machine discharging final part is fitted with hydraulic locks that slow down the feeding of the product. In this way the material becomes compacted, partially melt and consequently the water is removed.


The screw press mod.CP500RU is a continuous squeezing system which has been designed for partial dehydration of wet waste coming from separate collection. The machine is suitable for several applications where a squeezing process, with subsequent separation of solid-liquid material, is requested.


The single-shaft continuous shredder is used to pre-cut high contaminated films. Thanks to its structure, it is a very reliable machine, and its maintenance can be done at very long intervals. The machine works with a combined action cut-tear of the product.


The vertical mixing silos are mainly used for the storage of plastic materials. They obtain a good homogenisation of products such as pellets, powders and flakes and they are necessary to drop the temperature of the flakes coming out extrusion lines. In order to homogenize big quantity of pellets, especially for recycling plants, there can be more silos linked together. The vertical mixing silos are available in different dimensions and containment capacities, to suit any production needs.


The washing tank is used to settle and separate ground plastic materials, having regular size, by density. Each tank is customized basing on the material to be treated, and is equipped with a double discharge system, working continuously, for both floating and sinking material.