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The new generation of screen changers

The ERA filter has been designed for all materials which require a double filtration step.

Equipped with two internal filtration chambers and two independent discharge valves, ERA enables a coarser filtration first, then a finer one.

This because the punched screens (300 to 1.500 µm, contained in the first filtering chamber are really inexpensive and allow to protect the laser screens (100 to 300 µm) which can then be placed as second filtration step.

In this way, it is not necessary to install two separate filters, nor a melt pump or a shorter extruder between them, thus saving investment and energy costs.


Automatic, self-cleaning, one and only

A screen changer which can handle any contamination types, with reduced losses and low maintenance costs, recognized as the cheapest in the market. Choosing the right screen changer is easy, just list:

  • the plastic material to be filtered;
  • extruder’s output production;
  • required filtration fineness (from 100 to 1500 µm are available);
  • Contamination (type & approx. percentage).