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Recycling line – recoSTAR direct

The recoSTAR direct has been specially designed for recycling medium and large quantities of heavy regrind materials (> 300 g/l) such as PE, PP, PS, PA and PC.

Recycling line – recoSTAR dynamic

The latest recycling technology for the processing of films, fibers, and washed post-consumer waste from materials such as PE, PP, PET / PES, PA, PLA, PS and PPS.

Recycling line – recoSTAR universal

Versatility, Accessibility and Intelligence are the key highlights of the recoSTAR universal recycling line. New advanced features complement a well-proven technology. This state-of-the art recycling line with extended functionality and innovative process adaption through the ACTIVE shredder is especially designed for processing films, fibres and filaments, nonwovens, tapes, fabrics, as well as solid lumps, start-up scrap, injection moulding parts, and any type of regrind; from materials such as PE, PP, PS, PA, PES, PET, PPS, PLA, and others. The most efficient solution for rigid, flexible, and hard-to-grind materials.