The hot washing system used in plastic recycling lines is able to treat plastic materials (like washed PET flakes) contaminated with substances, very difficult to be removed, as glue, oil, etc. This batch system is very flexible, in fact by changing the processing factors like temperature, residence time and detergents all type of contaminants can be removed. Besides this principal function the machine is able at the same time to remove the fine particles of PET and the polyolefin residues. By the feeding auger with hopper the material (washed PET flakes) passing through the feeding screw is introduced alternatively in the mixing tanks where it stays together with hot water (approx. 85°-90°C) and, if needed, detergents for a certain amount of time, in order to remove the contaminants (glue and/or oil). Different models are available to suit any production needs.


Technical data

Type A B C kW
MTC 05 1670 3100 3697 46
MTC 20 2500 6000 4700 50

Dimensions in mm